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Tag: animation

The Academic's Fickle Beard
    Friday, 19 August 2011 /// Written by Trippe

End of the semester project for the Winter 2011 "Computer Animation with Flash" class at the Northwest Film Center in Portland, OR.

Animation by Matt Reynolds

Another gem from Matt. This stop motion animation from 2009.


'VERSE by Tony Comley
    Tuesday, 11 January 2011 /// Written by Trippe

A love triangle between God, the Earth and Mankind. - Progeny of the 2010 Animator in Residence program - Thanks to the students at the University of Wales for animation assistance. - Also Charlie Piper for a perfect score and Roger Wooster for his unrivalled gravelly pipes.

By Tony Comley who also made the short below entitled Abigail

As the gap between the ground and a burning airplane gets smaller, one passenger has other things on his mind...

Created at the Royal College of Art, Abigail has screened at 80 festivals worldwide and won recognition from Annecy 2006, Creative Review and The Animation Show.


Jay Howell & Bob's Burgers
    Monday, 29 November 2010 /// Written by Trippe

Jay Howell, whose show "Pure Pink" (running through Dec 11 @FFDG), did the drawings for the new Fox show Bob's Burgers which is out this January. It's going to be good.

Jay met the creator Loren Bouchard (Dr. Katz, Home Movies) at Atlas Cafe here in San Francisco. Loren, after thumbing through some of Jay's zines, asked Jay to do all the initial character development on Bob's Burgers which he worked on for over a year... Fox Simponsized Jay's drawings quite a bit, but Jay's super happy with how it all came out.

Jay Howell stopped working on the show so he could focus on developing his own show for Nickelodian with Jim Dirschberger and Andreas Trolf... Might be a good time to get some work from Jay Howell while you can?


Between Bears - ClipODay
    Wednesday, 04 August 2010 /// Written by Trippe

Between Bears by Eran Hilleli


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