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Obey David Choe
    Friday, 17 January 2014 /// Written by Trippe

Going through some old photos today, and came across this great piece by David Choe which we showed back in 2010 at our 10 year anniversary show (PHOTOS)

Also on display at Fecal Face's 2010 ten year show was this great Shepard Fairey.


Snowman Monkey BBQ
    Wednesday, 18 September 2013 /// Written by Trippe

Dave Choe has some images from his show in Mexico City up on his site.

Damn, that is a quite large work

The one on his Facebook page of his parents is pretty funny


David Choe in Dirty Hands 4 Sale
    Thursday, 14 July 2011 /// Written by Trippe

Saturday update via U.P.: Officially billed (according to Harry Kim and Dave Choe) as the "Dirty Hands Release: Jerk Off Cum in Your Eye Party. Everybody Cum". We're keeping it in the hood and doing a DVD release party at Nickies (466 Haight St) Sunday night at 10pm. If you're around come by and get a dirty dirty from Dave. That is all.

Dirty Hands, the film on David Choe, is now available for sale through Upper Playground here. You can also watch the film in its entirety online here. ~complete details



David Choe - 10yrs of Fecal Face
    Wednesday, 18 August 2010 /// Written by Trippe

Everyday leading up to Fecal Face's 10 Year Anniversary Show, opening Friday, September 10th @The Luggage Store (after party @Mezzanine 9-2am), we'll be adding short interviews with artists participating.

David Choe is damn close to being one of the first artists we featured on Fecal Face many years ago. We've followed his life and career from his time in a Japanese jail up to his recent massive show in Beverly Hills. Hell, we've tried betting a dead bat with David while playing poker in Utah (thanks, Scion). His energy and work levels are always high with a fluid style that all of us would die for but which flows naturally from this San Jose native. It's an honor to know Dave and to have him participate in our 10 year show.

What were you up to in the year 2000?


How has your work changed in the last 10 years?

My work has gotten exponentially worse, sloppier, obnoxious, contrived, pitiful, soulless, homoeroticy-er and one dimensional as time spans

What did you think 2010 would be like back then?

http://www.redtube.com/8125 or at least http://www.redtube.com/5583

When you first heard of Fecal Face what did you think about it?


How has Fecal Face Dot Com been a part of your life and/or career?

I lost Jeremy Fish’s # awhile back, so anytime I want to see what my old friend is up to, I check FF, I love looking at Tod Seelie photos every week up there, that guy is cool. Basically without fecalface I wouldn’t know which artists to rip off. Thanks, dudes.



David Choe Free Fridayz Prize
    Thursday, 05 August 2010 /// Written by Trippe

We're giving away a few David Choe's "Munko" Vinyl Figures to the winner of next week's Free Fridayz. This week's theme: Small Dogs. Get your drawing in before Saturday afternoon 2pm Pacific time for a chance at winning some of these little guys above.


David Choe Toys
    Thursday, 29 July 2010 /// Written by Trippe

Upper Playground has teamed up with Japan's Good Smile Company to become the official distributor for David Choe's "Munko" Vinyl Figures. The toys were initially seen as simple sketches on David's blog, and now following the premiere of the physical Munko toys at San Diego Comic Con in Giant Robot's booth, Upper Playground is the exclusive wholesaler and distributor for the line of figures.


David Choe @SFMOMA Thursday
    Tuesday, 27 July 2010 /// Written by Van Edwards

David Choe has a new book out through Chronicle and he'll be signing copies of it @SFMOMA on Thursday at 6:30pm (details) Might be a valuable collectors item down the road. Choe's doin' fine for himself these days. Get one. Video preview


David Choe @FIFTY24SF
    Wednesday, 10 February 2010 /// Written by Trippe

Bay Area native hasn't shown in the Bay Area in some time. A great return.



David Choe @Fifty24SF Preview
    Wednesday, 03 February 2010 /// Written by Trippe

We headed up to Fifty24SF to preview his show "Character Assassination" opening Friday, Feb 5th.



David Choe Book
    Wednesday, 04 February 2009 /// Written by Jesse Pollock

Published through Lazarides Gallery (London)



Film Review: Dirty Hands
    Monday, 26 January 2009 /// Written by Jeremy Fish

Jeremy Fish reviews up this documentary on artist David Choe which has been in the making for the last 7 years.



David Choe Interview
    Thursday, 04 January 2007 /// Written by Trippe

A preview of this Bay Area painter's show at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC. We spoke with him before the show opened.



A Week with Jeff Soto - Day 6
    Thursday, 09 March 2006 /// Written by Jeff Soto

"After seeing all that art last night the only thing I could think of today was to go see more art! This was the last day to catch the David Choe show at Kantor Gallery, plus we wanted to see Neckface at New Image Art and the new show at JUNC."