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Derek Albeck’s “Mysterious Strangers”
    Friday, 03 June 2011 /// Written by Chelsea Green

A look at Derek Albeck's studio and at his current show @POVevolving Gallery running through June 10th in Los Angeles.

Photos by Ruth Swanson
Written by: Chelsea Green
Works by Derek Albeck
@POVevolving Gallery

Los Angeles based artist Derek Albeck’s recent solo show at POVevolving Gallery in LA’s Chinatown entitled, “Mysterious Strangers” is that of nostalgia and personal history. Known for his photorealistic graphite drawings and flannel mask installations, Albeck’s representations are flawless. His use of mirrors, both broken and whole, are there to add an entirely different world of color, and a sense of identity, to his otherwise black and white pieces. The stories behind them add even more.

Several of the characters displayed in “Mysterious Strangers” are just that, relatives in Albeck’s life that he barely knew. “The narrative aspect of the work is romantic, in a sense, because I’m trying to re-appropriate these things that happened in my life. For me, it’s all about forming an identity, recreating these pasts to make sense of the present,” says Albeck.



Derek Albeck Mirrored Prints
    Wednesday, 15 December 2010 /// Written by Trippe

LA based Derek Albeck has some unqiue small varied edition of 5 print edition prints mounted on mirror available. Silkscreen and Spray Paint on Paper Mounted to Mirror 10 by 8 inches (Framed) - $100 - details


Side 2 Side @Fecal Face
    Wednesday, 16 December 2009 /// Written by Trippe

A short run group show featuring works from Derek Albeck, Jesse Balmer, Brian Barneclo, Matt Furie, Mike Giant, Henry Gunderson, Jay Howell, Alexis Mackenzie, Mildred, Travis Millard, Ferris Plock, Albert Reyes, Mike Shine, Keith Shore, Kevin Taylor, Kelly Tunstall, and Marco Zamora.



Derek Albeck Interview
    Thursday, 22 October 2009 /// Written by Trippe

We love the work of this LA based artist and the fact that he plays "cornhole", can hardly hear out his right ear, searches for Chupacabras, and that he gets back forth to work in LA without driving his car.



Love It or Leave It
    Tuesday, 06 October 2009 /// Written by Trippe

Nice group show w/ works by Brent Harada, David Choong Lee, Derek Albeck, Eric Bailey, French, Hannah Stouffer, Hiro Kurata, Luke Ramsey, Marco Zamora, Mathew Palladino, Tommii Lim, & Travis Millard



Derek Albeck & French
    Tuesday, 29 September 2009 /// Written by Trippe

@Cerasoli Gallery in Culver City till Oct 14, '09



Arthead: Derek Albeck
    Tuesday, 06 March 2007 /// Written by Nicole Wintermyer

"...I hold a very pessimistic outlook on society..."