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George Bush Solo Show
    Wednesday, 26 February 2014 /// Written by Trippe

PRESIDENTIAL ART RELATED NEWS --- We're so ecstatic to report that the US 43rd president, George Bush, will be opening a show of 2 dozen new paintings in Dallas this April.

It's all so weird and slightly fascinating how his consciences is so vapid that he can paint sweet little pictures of dogs and birdies after all that he's been involved with. It shows how uninvolved and detached his soul was during those 8 years... Or maybe the simplicity of his painting is his escape from the moral turmoil he must be living through?!... Nah... Oh please oh please, can we get a press pass?!

Starting in early April, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum will open "The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy." The exhibit will focus on foreign policy and Bush's relationships with world leaders, according to a news release.

Two dozen never-before-exhibited portraits painted by Bush will be the highlight. The paintings will be "accompanied by artifacts, photographs and personal reflections to help illustrate the stories of relationships formed on the world stage," the news release said -READ ON

There is nothing ironic about loving the paintings of George W. Bush


George W. Bush: ‘Painting Has Changed My Life’
    Thursday, 25 April 2013 /// Written by Trippe

VIDEO FROM ABC <-- We're all for everyone grabing a paint brush and going at it, but Jerry Saltz saying "Bush Is a Good Painter!" is ridiculous. We think the comment by DAVIDNORMAL said it best:

The criticism and the comments shows what I think is the common pitfall of the way we think about art, especially contemporary art. We think of it too much in it's cultural context and judge it not enough by it's own intrinsic merits, but more by what it is associated with. Long after the culture that defined it has lost it's importance and it's meaning, great art will stand on its own. Bush will be remembered as the puppet of a treasonous cabal that ruined the democracy and the economy of the USA, and these mediocre paintings will be a tiny footnote on his bad legacy, yet the paintings separated from Bush's identity would not be recognized at all, and thrown in the trash.

Jessica and I do dig his dog portrait

In random George Bush(ness), have you seen the documentary Journeys with George which chronicles the campaign of the 2000 election directed by Alexandra Pelosi? It's good. Watch it.