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2 Matt Furie Podcasts
    Friday, 28 January 2011 /// Written by Trippe

Mr. Matt Furie stopped by Fecal Face last Tuesday and we recorded a couple of Podcasts for your downloading pleasure.

First we drank a couple beers while Matt DJ'd a taste of the music he's been listening to... Afterwards, Matt answered many of your questions submitted through email, our Facebook page and Twitter page. All areas of Matt's prolific comic book and fine art career were covered, and we think it may be one of our finest Podcasts to date. ~Check it

Load this XML file into your ITunes and check the list of artist interviews and musical mixes. There's a lot in there and growing... Trouble loading it into ITunes? You can subscribe through the ITunes Store as well for FREE. Just search Fecal Face.

Matt will be showing tonight at Needles and Pens. ~Show Info --> Should be a fun show w/ music from DUB KNOW DUB.


Paul Urich Podcasts
    Wednesday, 05 January 2011 /// Written by Trippe

We've added the Paul Urich interview we did last week to our podcast as well as a Mix he put together for you. You can find a link to the podcast on ITunes if you search "Fecal Face" and also at fecalface.com/podcasts/ --> or listen below. Mix on the right and interview on the left. Paul's show "Take Me Back to Paradise" opens Friday @FFDG.