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These R the Good Days
    Wednesday, 15 June 2011 /// Written by Trippe

We're back from a couple days off after a hectic last week. Thanks to R/GA for asking me to speak last Friday. Had a blast drinking Muffin Street beers and speaking to everyone about Fecal Face, how it got started and what it all means to me.

Mel Kadel and Travis Millard collab

Mildred's photo from Sat's opening

Also thanks to Mel Kadel and Travis Millard who were in SF last week setting up their show @FFDG which you can view in person as the gallery will be open this week Wed-Sat (1-6pm) - 248 Fillmore @Haight. Photos from the opening and of the work will be online in the next day or two.

If you don't need to be inside today and you're here in SF, get outside. Ride your bike to the beach or across the GG Bridge because it looks like it's going to be ridiculous out there today.


R/GA Artist Talks
    Tuesday, 22 March 2011 /// Written by Trippe

R/GA (a full-service interactive, digital advertising agency) recently opened a San Francisco office. They already have offices across the globe in NYC, London, Singapore, Chicago, and São Paulo... and to kick off the new-ish office and the coming of summer, they've begun the Creative Connect Spring Series which "is about reaching out to San Francisco creatives across all disciplines to share their work and insights with the local creative community. Creative Connect is about getting an architect and a multi-media artist, a curator and a chef, a dancer and a street artist in the same room to see what happens".

R/GA is a multi-disciplinary agency that understands the benefit of cross-breeding creatives. The Creative Connect spring lecture series is open to the public and intended to provide space for San Francisco creative professionals to speak, perform or display groundbreaking work and ideas. Our hope is to inspire great work in our office and the greater community.

Their first speaker, Japanese calligrapher Aoi Yamaguchi, kicks it all off this Friday with a live large-scale calligraphy performance at 4:30. Wine and cheese will be served and to RSVP, email: rgacreativeconnect@rga.com

This guy, John Trippe, will be giving some sort of hour long presentation on Friday, June 10th at 4:30. Beer shall be provided and it should be... well, hopefully interesting. More of a performance than talk most likely. We'll see.