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The Orbital by Mel Kadel
    Monday, 12 May 2014 /// Written by Trippe

Our buddy, the LA based cabin-dewler Mel Kadel, has a brand new tee, The Orbital, out through Upper Playground - $24

Is there a story, special message, or feeling your are trying to convey with your tee designs?
I just wanted to make this shirt colorful, pretty, and weird. Something that guys and girls could both get into. ~continue reading




U.P. SF Giants Hats
    Tuesday, 14 August 2012 /// Written by Trippe

So the SF Giants and the Dodgers are tied for 1st place in the West as of today after a rough 14-0 loss to the Washington Nationals. The rest of August and September are going to be huge for the Giants as they race for the post season and a possible repeat of 2010?!

Personally prefer the classic on field hat, but if you want some more flavor to show your SF pride/ Giant's support, Upper Playground as some interesting color ways... Oh, and speaking of U.P., check out this rad summer/ junk food tee.

Show your SF Giant's pride



Updates from Upper Playgound
    Wednesday, 14 December 2011 /// Written by Van Edwards

Upper Playground and Gingko Press are releasing the limited edition version of Tomer Hanuka's book, Overkill. | Estevan Oriol’s anticipated LA Woman 2012 calendar is available | TERRI & GARY THIS FRIDAY AT FIFTY24SF --> Friday night at 7pm at FIFTY24SF for the holiday party you've been secretly wishing you were at for the last month, complete with bacon wrapped hot dogs. More info here.

Tomer Hanuka's book, Overkill



KMNDZ Print Now Available
    Thursday, 14 April 2011 /// Written by Van Edwards

Our friends at Upper Playground have released JOHNNY "KMNDZ"RODRIGUEZ: SALT PEANUTS PRINT now available. His show is currently running @Fifty24SF. We've been so busy and haven't had the chance to get our pics up, but you can view the show here.

The 3-color screen print was hand pulled at the legendary Cat Cult Press and is based off a mural KMNDZ executed with ZEX Boys for the Thinkspace Anniversary Show. After printing, the print has been hand embellished using teal acrylic paint by KMNDZ himself. ‘Salt Peanuts’ measures 14.5? x 22? and is printed on archival watercolor paper, limited to an edition of 32 and is hand signed and numbered by the artist. Click here to purchase


Swoon Print 4 Charity
    Thursday, 16 December 2010 /// Written by Trippe

Do something positive this holiday season? In the process you'll get this awesome Swoon print.

Swoon, has teamed with us at Upper Playground, to release the limited edition Walki print - 100% of the proceeds from the print will go towards support of The Konbit Shelter Project. Konbit Shelter is a rebuilding initiative, which uses dome-style structures and the super-adobe technique of earth bag architecture to create sustainable, inexpensive and dependable housing for the people of Haiti.



Jeremy Fish Sat in Portland
    Friday, 09 July 2010 /// Written by Trippe

JEREMY FISH @UPPER PLAYGROUND<-- in Portland Saturday evening plus some Fish gear. Check it.



KC Ortiz Upper Playground Tees
    Thursday, 24 June 2010 /// Written by Van

Our friends @UP release some new tees as well as host a Facebook design contest w/ a chance at winning a Jason Jagel print - KC Ortiz is one of the most engaging photographers we’ve seen, a member of the Chicago based art collective ‘We Are Supervision’ and also the designer behind four new t-shirts that Upper Playground is releasing. While his photographic style documents stark, personal and eye opening accounts of the far reaching corners of this world, when it comes to design KC Ortiz generally takes a much more light hearted approach and aims to make fundamentally simple, “weird, funky stuff.” And this line of tees is just that. All four t-shirts are available at Upper Playground retail locations and online at the Upper Playground web store. ~read on


Upper Fecal San Playground Francisco Face
    Monday, 03 August 2009 /// Written by Trippe

Win A Trip to San Francisco from Upper Playground and Fecal Face!!



Fifty24SF openings
    Thursday, 10 May 2007 /// Written by Joy Suthigoseeya

Matzu-MTP, Estevan Oriol, & Yasumasa "Yone" Yonehara



Upper Playground Furniture Exhibition
    Monday, 08 January 2007 /// Written by Trippe

Dave Choe, Mike Giant, Tiffany Bozic, and more make original furniture.