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Yumiko Kayukawa & Aaron Nagel @Shooting Gallery
    Tuesday, 25 June 2013 /// Written by Rachel Ralph

SAN FRANCISCO --- The Shooting Gallery opened both Madness by Yumiko Kayukawa (Seattle) and Bastion by Aaron Nagel (Oakland) on June 8th with Kayukawa in the main gallery and Nagel in the project space.

Kayukawa's work is very interesting, combining a deliberate flatness with immense detail, all perfectly constructed on their canvas supports. She was also there during the opening, approaching visitors and initiating conversations with them, and was a very refreshing and inviting presence. However, I was more attracted to the paintings of Aaron Nagel. They are not only beautiful, realistic portraits but with the inclusion of several small blue dots, the compositions become more complicated and move from basic nudes to a more personal vision of both spirituality and sensuality. These are not the fashion models seen in the front of White Walls, these are real women, and their depiction is executed perfectly, and the blue dots add a distinctive touch.

Words and photos: Rachel Ralph - rachel(at)fecalface.com

Aaron Nagel, Urchin, Oil on Panel, 20x30"

Aaron Nagel, Bastion, Oil on Panel, 51x40"

Yumiko Kayukawa, KYOUKI (Madness), Acrylic and Ink on Canvas, 22x30"

Yumiko Kayukawa, TEREYA (Shyness), Acrylic and Ink on Canvas, 20x16"



Saturday @White Walls & The Shooting Gallery
    Tuesday, 08 March 2011 /// Written by Trippe

There are A LOT of great shows opening up this weekend and here's another. London based EINE opens up Greatest this Saturday at White Walls. He's been around San Francisco painting roll-ups like the one below filling the entire alphabet. Can you find them all around town?

Also in the Tenderloin (next door actually), The Shooting Gallery celebrates their 8th anniversary w/ works from Japanese artist Yumiko Kayukawa

San Francisco, CA-White Walls gallery is pleased to present, 'GREATEST' a solo exhibition by London-based artist, Ben Flynn a.k.a. EINE. The opening reception for 'GREATEST' will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 7-11 PM. The exhibition will be on view from March 12, to April 2, 2011 and is free and open to the public.

'GREATEST' is an art exhibition by the artist, Ben EINE, that will utilize both gallery and public space as a two-tiered platform for the artist’s visual expression. EINE'S work is a large-scale study of the shape and structure of the 26 letters found in the modern English alphabet in varied typefaces, color configurations and word arrangements. In the public spaces of San Francisco, EINE will be painting each letter of the alphabet on various walls around the city. A further ten canvases of his work using spray paint, acrylic, and glitter will be on display at White Walls gallery.

Yumiko Kayukawa Saturday at The Shooting Gallery --> 7-11pm


Yumiko Kayukawa @The Shooting Gallery
    Thursday, 19 November 2009 /// Written by Trippe

Japanese artist marks her third solo show at The Shooting Gallery and we stopped off at the new Heist Gallery for a look see.



Yumiko Kayukawa & Ben Tour
    Thursday, 16 July 2009 /// Written by J.L. Schnabel

At Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC through August 8th.



Yumiko Kayukawa
    Monday, 13 August 2007 /// Written by Trippe

@The Shooting Gallery



Yumiko Kayukawa
    Monday, 08 May 2006 /// Written by Trippe

Yumiko Kayukawa &
John John Jesse @The Shooting Gallery
May 2006



Yumiko Kayukawa Interview
    Monday, 29 November 1999 /// Written by Trippe

Yumiko lives and works in Japan. She has been featured in countless magazines, shown across the US, and recently showed work here in San Francisco with Lisa Alisa